Islas Marietas
Basic tour

$6,090.00 MXN per boat

$5,250.00 MXN per person
(Paying the rest in cash on tour day)

* Bracelets included in the price *

Reservation with $2,100.00 MXN

Available: Tuesday to Sunday

  • Duration: 2 hrs y 30 mnts
  • Age: All ages
  • Difficulty level: Easy - Intermediate
  • Group: Maximum 8 people per boat

We will take a "PRIVATE" tour by boat to Islas Marietas **without entrance to Hidden Beach - Love Beach only for and your companions...**

Go on an adventure, take a picture at the Stone Bridge, do Snorkel (go down to swim with the colorful fish for 25 to 30 minutes), you will get to know Nopalera Beach (you can walk, swim, see its caves, take photos, etc... For 30 minutes) (always accompanied by our guide who supports you and takes you through safe places).
Surprise yourself with La Bufadora (a hollow stone that spits water under pressure when there is a swell), meet the Blue-footed Booby Birds, capture our different arch, caves and Incredible stone figures, all this on board a boat type "Lancha" with a roof, stairs (to climb after each activity) and end up returning to the Punta de Mita pier.

We have all the corresponding permits and extensive experience for these activities.

The adventure includes:

  • Life jacket
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Captain and guide

Recommendations ¿What to bring?

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera or cellphone for taking photos
  • Drinks in reusable thermos or bottles (for environmental protection)

What is not allowed

  • Apply sunscreen immediately before engaging in activities (sunscreen should be applied before boarding or at most when the boat starts moving).
  • Wear appropriate footwear when disembarking (no footwear allowed).
  • Do not bring bags, backpacks, suitcases, or food and/or drinks to the beaches.
  • Dispose of trash properly and do not throw it into the sea (for environmental protection).
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed during the journey to and from Marietas Islands.
  • Flying drones is not permitted according to the park regulations to avoid causing harm or disturbance to the birds in their sanctuary.

Important information before booking

This tour does not include access to Playa Del Amor - Playa Escondida.

If you have any doubts about us... Find out what our customers say about Grimar Adventures on Tripadvisor, Airbnb, Facebook, and Google Maps.

Terms and Conditions

*In the event that Grimar Adventures cancels, it would be due to weather problems that are unpredictable and the date can be changed or the client will be reimbursed 100% of the advance payment by Grimar Adventures if he so wishes.

*In case of cancellation by the client, the total advance payment is lost. If you need to change the date, it is necessary to notify us and make the change by contacting us by any means, at least 24 hours in advance. The new date must be rewritten no later than one week after the cancellation and it is only possible to change the date once, otherwise the advance payment will also be lost.
You can only change the date but not request a refund, or take advances from other companions who did not show up as part of the remaining payment.

*If you reserved for "Playa Escondida Playa del Amor" in any of its modalities (Collective or Private) you cannot migrate to the "Basic Tour" package, nor to any of the other packages since it would count as cancellation of the tour on your part, this Because this is the only package in which your advance is used to buy your place from the park authorities and thus guarantee your entrance to said beach.

*If you booked the "Basic Tour" package, you can migrate to the "Playa Escondida - Playa del Amor" tour in any of its modalities (Collective or Private) or to any other activity as long as we still have availability for the date requested by you and you must cover the payment of the difference between one package and another.

*The active discount promotion only applies PAYING THE REST IN CASH on the day of the tour.

*If you accept the terms and conditions, you are confirming that you do not have any of the medical problems that prevent you from doing the activities mentioned in the tour information, so Grimar Adventures will not be responsible for any medical complications.

Pay the rest in cash
and save $840.00
per person.
$6,090.00 MXN per boat
$5,250.00 MXN per person
(Paying the rest in cash on tour day)